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Outdoor Emergency Medical Guide
US$ 12.95
  What To Do In An Outdoor Emergency When Help May Take Some Time To Arrive.

Outdoor accidents and injuries can happen anytime, and you need to know what to do. Even if you’ve never been trained, the Outdoor Emergency Medical Guide shows you exactly what to do while waiting for help to arrive. Illustrated, easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions lead you through the most common, life-threatening outdoor emergencies you or your family might encounter. Fits easily into outdoor, hunting, camping, or fishing gear. Written for the untrained for use during an outdoor emergency. Simple, illustrated, step-by-step instructions follows current basic life support guidelines established by the American Heart Association.

Covers: Wounds & Bleeding; CPR; Dehydration; Drowning; Lightning Injuries; Heat & Cold Injuries; Heart Attack; Altitude Sickness; Shock; Animal, Snake & Insect Bites; Head, Neck & Back Injuries; Internal Injuries; Transport; and More.

ISBN 0916363147
72 pages