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Our History
  • 1982 (November): Sam Manhoff stops breathing (see How Beechwood Healthbooks got started).
  • 1983 Steve Vogel, M.D. and David Manhoff write Emergency Medical Treatment: Infants/Children/Adults, and create EMT, Inc.
  • 1984 EMT, Inc. publishes the first 25,000 copies.
  • 1990 Sales of book reach 100,000.
  • 1995 Sales reach 1,500,000 books, MOSBY-LIFELINE. (a TIMES MIRROR COMPANY) purchases EMT, Inc.
  • 1996 The Outdoor Emergency Medical Guide is published.
  • 1997 The Over-the-Counter Medicine Cabinet Medicines Guide is published.
  • 1998: Perfect Pregnancy, Baby Instruction Guide and Conventional Medicine/Alternative Medicine are published. HARCOURT GENERAL acquires MOSBY from TIMES MIRROR.
  • 1999 BEECHWOOD HEALTHBOOKS, Inc., originated and headed by an original author and principal of EMT, Inc., buys back all consumer health titles from MOSBY.