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How Beechwood Healthbooks got started...
  It is 8:30 on a wintry Friday night.

A mother is holding her 18-month old son, who has been running a low grade fever for most of the day. Her son, who was restless for most of the evening, seems to have finally fallen asleep. Instinctively, she senses something is not right. The child lying in her arms is motionless and stiff. His lips are turning blue. His eyes have rolled back. He is burning up. The child is not breathing.

Her worst nightmare, every parent's worst nightmare.

She panics. She shakes him, mistakenly trying to shake life back into him again. She screams out for her husband. He comes, takes the child and tries to open his son's airway to begin rescue breathing. She rushes to the telephone to call the paramedics. They say they will be there quickly. Maybe five minutes. Maybe eight minutes. Maybe too late.

As parents of young children, they had always wanted to take a first aid course, but never got around to it. Now what can they do to keep their child alive until the ambulance comes? If only they had some information that could walk them through the emergency procedures to bring back their baby's breath.

Luckily, a neighbor who knows what to do, comes to help.

It's the nightmare no parent, husband, wife, or grandparent wants, but it happens. This in fact is a true story, and the reason this book was created. At approximately two years of age, Samuel Manhoff stopped breathing and might have died except for the immediate and fortunate assistance of a physician-friend (co-author Stephen Vogel, M. D.) who lived across the street.

Following this incident, there was a search to locate a comprehensive emergency medical treatment guide by the Manhoffs. After trips to bookstores, it became clear that there was no comprehensive, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use quick reference manual that untrained people could use in an emergency situation.

David Manhoff (an executive creative director for a Chicago advertising agency) and Vogel (an emergency room physician) subsequently wrote, published and began marketing a series of family emergency medical guides in 1984. EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT: INFANTS/ CHILDREN/ADULTS is the combination of those books.

And Sam? He's a fullback and linebacker on his high school football team.