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Emergency Medical Treatment:
Infants / Children / Adults

US$ 12.95
  Even If You’ve Never Been Trained, This Book Shows And Tells You Exactly What To Do Until Paramedics Arrive.

With more than 2,000,000 copies sold, Emergency Medical Treatment: Infants/ Children/ Adults has become the first place to look when there’s no time to lose. Step-by-step, illustrated instructions show a parent (grandparent, baby-sitter) exactly what to do to keep an infant, child, or adult alive while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Written for the untrained for use during an emergency. Simple, illustrated, step-by-step instructions follows current basic life support guidelines established by the American Heart Association. Divided into Infant, Children and Adult emergencies.

Covers: Prevention; Not Breathing / No Pulse; Choking; Bleeding; Seizures; Poisoning; Drowning; Burns; Vomiting & Diarrhea; Head, Neck & Back Injuries; Broken Bones; High Fever; Eye Injuries; Heat & Cold Injuries; Heart Attack and Other Serious Illness.

ISBN 0916363104
84 pages