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Over-The-Counter Medicine Cabinet Medicines
US$ 12.95
  Tells You What You Need To Know About The Over-The-Counter Medicines You Take.

As more and more prescription drugs are approved for over-the-counter use, you need to know how to sort through all the available products and find the medicines that are right for your family. Over-The-Counter Medicine Cabinet Medicines answers your questions about the over-the-counter medicines available for you to take.
In simple language, tells what OTC products are available for each symptom, along with possible interactions, side effects, and use by children, the elderly, and pregnant/nursing women Helps you sort through over 500 nonprescription medicines on drugstore shelves.

Covers OTC Medicines for: Allergies; Arthritis; Asthma; Colds, Coughs & Flu; Constipation; Diarrhea; Fever; Headaches; Heartburn & Gas; Hemorrhoids; Insomnia; Menstrual Pain; Muscle & Joint Pain; Nausea & Vomiting; Stomach Acid; Smoking; Yeast Infection; and More.

ISBN 0815180535
136 pages