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Baby Instruction Guide
US$ 12.95


How To Take Care Of Your Baby; The First 18 Months
As new parents, you'll need quick, easy-to-use information to help you deal with your baby's almost daily changes in habits, responses and skills. The Baby Instruction Guide gives you all the information you need to look after your new baby, respond to his or her needs, and keep your baby healthy and safe during the first 18 months of life.
You'll learn about the feeding, from the first feeding to family food. You'll learn the correct way to handle, bathe, change, and comfort your baby. You'll understand your baby's physical and emotional development, and the activities to stimulate your baby. The Baby Instruction Guide will help you babyproof your home and yard, and choose safe toys and equipment. It also covers the most common minor illiness of infancy, and medical emergencies that will help you until help arrives.
ISBN 0916363163
114 pages