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Conventional Medicine / Alternative Medicine
US$ 12.95
  Choices Of Treatment For Your Most Common Medical Problems

This guide explains what your doctor would do to treat common medical problems and then gives you a range of alternative therapies for you to try.

Conventional Medicine/ Alternative Medicine lists the symptoms and possible causes for over 100 common illnesses, and includes warning boxes of when you should call your doctor. Each medical problem is explained, including what your doctor would do for you, along with a range of possible alternative therapies. You’ll also find out how alternative therapies work, and what to expect from a practitioner. Four-color photography and illustrations throughout; tabbed; spiral bound. For over 100 common medical problems, outlines both conventional medical treatment along with choices for nontraditional, alternative treatments.

Covers: Headaches; Allergies; Colds & Coughs; Nausea; Stomach Problems; Arthritis; Sprains, Strains & Pulled Muscles; Back Pain; Bladder Problems; Hemorrhoids; Heartburn; Sleep Problems; Yeast Infections; Earaches; Neck Pain; Insomnia; Indigestion; PMS; Stress; Anxiety; Bowel Problems; Bursitis; Menstrual Cramps; and More.

ISBN 0916363171
114 pages